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Charthouse Marine specialise in the procurement, management and supervision of survey contracts.

Survey Design & Procurement

We specialise in the design of a diverse range of survey programs to meet the specific needs of our clients, dealing with offshore, nearshore, estuarine, riverine and terrestrial environments.

Taking into account the particular project requirements and the ultimate end use of the data, we develop technically pertinent specifications and cost effective scopes of work to deliver an optimised technical document package. Our work always takes into account the latest technological advances to continually build upon our well-found experience base.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we are able to run or support a contract procurement process. This includes the development and of ITT packs; the review of submitted bids; negotiations with contractors and a recommendation for contract award.

Data Analysis and Recommendations

Our role as a survey and engineering consultant often requires us to go beyond the procurement and acquisition phases of survey projects.

Frequently clients with existing assets and infrastructure have an ever expanding data-base of survey results which need to be collated and reviewed to allow them to make effective use of their information. We are able to carry out this work and make recommendations regarding trends in variables such as seabed dynamics or coastal erosion and deposition.

Following this, we or (our specialist associates) are able to make recommendations on possible remedial intervention strategies to maintain asset integrity, and to inform a risk based inspection program to effectively monitor an asset over its design life.

Survey Management & Supervision

Charthouse Marine specialise in the management and supervision of survey contracts. We follow contracts from their earliest phases, right through to ultimate delivery of the final reports, ensuring that the contractor delivers the necessary data according to the requirements of the scope of work and the constraints of the technical specifications.

During the pre-mobilisation phase of a contract, the contractor’s procedures are reviewed to ensure the planned mobilisation is in accordance with requirements. Subsequently we are able to place highly experienced client representatives on site, or offshore, to supervise the operations and ensure that the contractor works safely to complete the scope of work.

Our client representatives are always individuals with appropriate experience, and where 24-hour cover is required we frequently recommend the use of individuals with complementary skills to enhance the service we provide.

Following the successful completion of the field work element of a survey project, we closely monitor the processing and reporting components. Attention to detail at this phase of the project is critical to ensure the client has confidence that they hold a reliable and accurate report.

Routing Studies

We have undertaken a number of cable and pipeline routing studies, optimising the selected routes for maximised protection and stallability. This can include an initial high level selection followed by surveys and a subsequent route optimisation, or simply a micro routing program working with previously acquired survey data. We are happy to undertake either approach.

Where the routing studies involve detailed analysis of geotechnical survey results for burial assessments and trenchability, we work with highly experienced associates to provide the best technical solution possible for our clients.