Independent Consultancy for Industries


Oil & Gas • Submarine Telecommunication • Offshore & Nearshore Power Transmission • Offshore Wind • Tidal Energy • Port Construction & Harbour Maintenance • Coastal Construction

Oil & Gas

We have many years’ experience of involvement in offshore oil and gas projects, ranging from survey supervision through to intervention construction management.

Our portfolio of projects includes: pipeline route surveys, pipeline route planning, sub-sea structure installations, pipeline and umbilical installation including landfall construction and deep water operations. We have frequently supervised offshore rock dumping campaigns for pipeline stability and protection, and the protection of pipeline crossings.

Our tasks in this sector have also included pre and post-lay trenching supervision and the offshore management of trenching and survey spreads.

Offshore & Nearshore Power Transmission

Several of our recent projects have been related to large offshore power transmission cables. We have managed detailed geophysical, geotechnical route investigations incorporating UXO pre-clearance surveys on several projects in Northern Europe. For European clients, we have also provided technical support in the preparation of cable burial risk assessments and cable protection design. We have undertaken landfall inspections to assist with route and construction design, and have supervised the production of integrated survey reports encompassing the findings of a spectrum of survey methodologies.

For clients in North America we have procured and managed inspection surveys and have provided technical consultancy services during project planning phases.

Tidal Energy

Charthouse Marine have designed survey packages for clients who are developing tidal energy projects, taking into account the specific metocean and geophysical requirements which are demanded for the installation of subsea turbines.

We have developed preliminary low cost high-level site descriptions based on third party and public domain survey data, and formulated installation procedures for temporary export cables for selected tidal energy test sites for more advanced projects.

Submarine Telecommunication

Charthouse Marine have supervised several large scale trans-oceanic telecommunication route surveys, carried out landfall inspections and have supervised the installation of submarine telecommunications cables. Additionally, our responsibilities have also included the supervision of submarine telecommunications cable repairs in deep and shallow waters.

We have managed the reporting, chart QC and review of surveys associated with several cable systems and have provided technical support in client’s and contractor’s offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

Offshore Wind & Renewables

Export cable systems for European Wind farm projects have featured in our recent project portfolio. We have provided technical support during the procurement of geophysical and geotechnical surveys for export cable routes, and have managed the surveys on behalf of the clients during the operational and acquisition phases.

Here again we have managed the preparation of integrated survey reports and have undertaken micro-routing studies and route optimisation.

Port Construction & Harbour Maintenance

Our experience base includes extensive survey and project management roles associated with capital and maintenance dredging projects in Europe and Asia.

Working with both port operators and contractors we have completed a large number of survey control programs to monitor the progress of maintenance dredging works utilising many different dredging technologies. Our list of completed projects also includes the monitoring of very large land reclamation projects.

Coastal Construction

In addition to the capital and maintenance dredging projects, we have carried out several survey control tasks related to the completion of beach recharges using imported hydraulically placed marine sands. In the same environment we have managed the installation and monitoring of large rock seawalls and minor jetty construction.